Thursday, August 9

{Good Thought Thursday} Save your clothes!

My mom is great at a lot of things. She's an advice-giver, homemade meal-maker, pain-healer, and taxi-cab driver. A true juggler of all life's things, she really can do it all. But out of all those things, there is one job in particular that she surpasses the rest on.

It's Laundry.

She can wash em', dry em', steam em' and clean em'  better than anyone I know, and I tell you, she's got the secret to the sharpest creased pants in the midwest. (But you will have to wait for that trick.)

So maybe this tip is old news to some of you since she's been doing it forever, but since I recently pulled out what looked like a three dimensional polka dotted mess, I needed a little reminder about the inside-out rule. If you want to find out how to keep those annoying little lint balls from forming on your favorite sweater, read on my friends!

Step one: Button or zip article of clothing

Step two: Turn inside out

Step three: Wash as normal

Step four: Tumble, and hang to dry.

Since the only part of the clothing that is rubbing on the other items is the inside, the outside stays lint ball free. And by reducing the dry time, you're also reducing the amount of  time your pieces are exposed to friction causing those mini pon poms to appear.

This extra step has saved so many things from sweaters to sweatpants  and allowed them to hang out in our closets just a little bit longer. We wash almost ALL our items inside out now!

Have you heard of this trick before? Do you do it yourself?

Wishing you a lint-free Thursday! :)

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