Friday, June 8

A welcome wreath plus a quick ruffled fabric tutorial

It's the first official day of summer vacation and there was no way I was going to waste my day on extra Zs.  A new house means a lot of new projects and no corner, cupboard, or closet will be left untouched during these precious warm months.

Our outside space has been a priority lately and I have really been wanting to bring some life to our entry. With left over scraps from previous projects (and a now unassembled Scrabble set from this project) I created our little welcome wreath!

The wreath is just simply scraps of fabric wrapped around a wreath form. The pennant banner is cut out from fabric scraps too, and glued onto a string of twine. Easy enough, right?

Here's how to do the Ruffles:

I picked up some burlap and cut it into strips about 14 inches long and 4 inches wide. Under the sewing machine it went with the needle headed straight down the middle. 

*Be sure to cut your strips longer, because as you fold for the ruffles you will loose length. 

Every couple of inches or so I would fold the fabric over itself, from bottom to top, just before it went under the needle.  This is what gives it the ruffled look. 

 Here is what it looked like from the side.

And before I knew it, I had a whole pile of these little guys! 

Burlap is definiltey not the cleanest material to work with, but I love the texture. I also think it would be fun to use different fabrics to layer these around an entire wreath for full ruffles!

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