Sunday, June 10

11 ways to keep cool this summer

It is hot. I mean sticky forehead, don't want to move, fry an egg on the sidewalk hot.

Since our little ol' house doesn't yet have the modern convenience called air conditioning, I've rounded up some ways to keep cool during the warm summer months.

1. Clever cube ideas from Bright Nest. Such fun ideas over there!

Photo via the Culinary Tribune

2. Ice Cream in a Ziploc via 2 Little Hooligans...What!?

Photo via  2 Little Hooligans

3. I am so in love with this vintage fan from Etsy.

4. Infused Water. I'm hooked on Lemon and Cucumber, but really any fruit or herb mixture can be done to your liking. We like to let it sit for a while in the fridge first too in order to enhance the flavor.

Photo via Google Images

5. Homemade popsicles like these mango orange yogurt ones
 from 6 Bittersweets. Yum!

Photo via 6 Bittersweets

6. Floppy hats! Like I need anymore, but Forever 21's prices 
make it seem okay. Plus they have so many fun colors!

Photo via Forever 21

7. We saw stalks of Rhubarb the other day at the farmer's market. 
This recipe would be perfect!
Rhubarb iced tea via Martha Stewart

Photo via Martha Stewart 

8. No Pants!

Dress from Forever 21

And we can't leave out the pooches! 

9. I don't know about yours, but our little lady loves ice cubes.
This ice cake would be perfect for her.

10. Strawberry Banana Dog PUPSICLES!

11. A cooling collar from Etsy. This one is ready for the 4th of July! 

Photo via Dazzle Me Pink

Oh, and if you haven't noticed, the blog is getting a wee bit of a makeover. Links and such should be working soon! 

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