Sunday, June 3

A DIY garden bed out of old barn boards

Remember my best friend, Megan? 

Well some of her family happens to have the most charming farmhouse where many of these barn boards reside.  They were gracious enough to invite us to pick some of these board and use them for a few projects we had in mind. 

With an ongoing venture, we realized we had some remaining barn boards laying around that were now begging for something to be done with them. We plucked a few pieces and decided to turn them into a garden bed!

One of them was left this this amazing little pull and there was no way this was coming off. I love it!

And now we have sprouts!

Here is our cut list:

Barn Boards
4 @ 5ft (2 for each long side)
2 @ 4 ft (1 for each short side)

6 @ 14 inches (placed in each corner and each side's center for support)

My husband built it all right on top of our growing grass and then filled it with our soil blend. I am so anxious for all the tasty summer vegetables we will be able to pluck from our own backyard! 

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  1. WOW!! I just LOVE this!!! Such rustic charm to it:)Your garden looks SUPER! Please stop over sometime and visit :) Deidre~

  2. Thanks so much, and I definitely will! :)


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