Friday, May 25


Spend endless hours on Pinterest?


Want to make every cute and creative idea pinned?


Actually make some of them, but then get tired and just want to purchase already made items?


So goes the story of our decorating style. Half handmade, half store bought, it somehow always seems to come together. 

Enter our Mantle. There are so many charming ideas out there but it is hard to pick which ones to invest the time in making, and which ones to open up the wallet for. I think a balance of both makes for not only a budget-friendly design style, but something that is cozy and comfortable. Not to mention it saves a little on the "why isn't mine turning out like that" freak out session!


Windows: A .50 find at a flea market. All they needed was a little paint!

Coffee filter wreath: You can find the tutorial here.

& sign: A $5 find with a little left over paint from the coffee bar.


Votive holders: From Crate and Barrel

Metallic Owl: Home Goods

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