Sunday, May 20

A graduation celebration as told by Instagram

On Saturday we headed to Milwaukee to celebrate my baby sister's graduation from 
design school. (She is an amazing little artist if I do say so myself.) We got to explore her and her fiance's new abode and enjoyed some snuggle time with our 2nd favorite fur children. But any Milwaukee trip is not complete without a little bit of bumming, so while the boys toured the brewery the ladies headed to the third ward.

We took a visual tour of the outside of Melissa's new place of employment, then headed across the street to a sweet little paper store. I don't know how this little lady is going to keep a check in her pocket with shops like these two steps away...they had washi tape people!

The rest of the shops were charming, lunch was delicious, and my sister looked as adorable as ever. Our day ended with drinks at Roots and a quiet ride home as my mom and I curled up in the backseat and surrendered to the sandman. 

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