Wednesday, May 9

DIY Privacy Film

I love our house. Everything about it is great and it checked all the items on our wish list. Once we were in, we were so excited to have people over that my parents came the next day. As we waited for them in our living room, our new doorbell seemed quite unnecessary as I looked up to see my mom's face and waving left hand, right in our front door window.

Don't get me wrong-I love my mom! I'd just also love a little privacy pre-visit so I can make the decision if I am going to answer or not. (Just kidding, mom. :) ) But for the times we really would like a bit more privacy, we decided the window film was a must.

Now we could have just cut out and measured some strips to fill in the space, but I wanted something a bit more fun. Here's a quick before and after shot. Read on for the how-to!



How to get your own:

Step 1

I had my husband make a stencil at work out of cardboard. All he did was take the pattern I wanted, zoomed in on the image to print. He then copied the shaped onto the cardboard, making sure it was large enough to fit our windows.

Step 2

After cutting it out, we traced the stencil onto privacy film and adhered our new shapes to the center of each portion of the window.

Step 3

To get the outer portion of the window, we cut 4 stencils in half lengthwise and adhered around the full shape to fill in the space.

And that's it!
After the $20 cost of the privacy film and free materials for the stencil, we had a whole new window with a lot more privacy.

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