Wednesday, October 24

Project happenings in a few short posts

In an effort to get caught up around here I'm sharing a few of the projects that have been happening around our home in a few short posts. So read them one at a time, save a few for later, or get yourself a cup of coffee and settle in for an update of all the projects we've been working on!

My mom celebrated her birthday nearly a month ago, but the table we gifted her was just too good not to share. I did not want to let this little gem go, but seeing as it was her grandmother's old table I was happy she found a new home for it.

We sanded it, painted it, and sanded the edges again to add some age. Andrew then went over the roughed up corners with some distress ink I had gotten awhile back, and it really made the exposed wood pop.

Now here is where I am kicking myself for not taking the before shots. I just love how it turned out though and I think the distress ink was the final touch it needed. For under the $5 you can find a variety of ink colors and finishes here if you are looking to do the same on something!

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