Sunday, May 13

Happy Mother's Day...

To a woman who has made me feel good about myself, even during my incredibly awkward years. 

We celebrated the day away with mimosa muffins in the morning, (recipe found here) and some time outside chatting and enjoying the beautiful weather. It's days like these that make Mondays come way too fast.

Hope you all had a great Mother's Day weekend!

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  1. How l wish l could talk to my Mom especially about how she felt getting cancer. I could never get her to. She and Dad werevin New York and l in California. For 7 yrs l spent my 2 week vacation home in New York. It was very difficult becausevthey never talked. I drove back in 8/81 & stayed until 12/81. I had no money to pay health,car insurance & buy gas. She passed in April, 1982. My Dad expected me to move back. I was too angry with him. He passed of heart failure in May 1996. They adopted me when l was 3 mos old. I am 70 now. Thanks for listening.


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